Friday, March 25, 2011

S&W Creative Guild - progress and update

Don't worry - this blog isn't going to turn into a house-organ for promoting the SWCG, but I wanted to do a quick follow-on post before moving more toward direct email contact with the guild members.

First, we have already gotten a membership of 24, which isn't at all shabby for day one.

A couple of questions that have been asked:
"Is this only for people who go to conventions?" Nope, it's for anyone who feels like it would be useful or fun to join, and doesn't mind the occasional email with information about conventions, blogs, etc.

"Can I be a member of this if I'm also in the Labyrinth Lord Society?"
Definitely. Many bloggers cover both, many people do convention games for both, etc. It's not at all intended to be exclusive. As mentioned above, it's for anyone who thinks it would be useful to join.

"Can I be a member of this if my blog covers only OD&D?" Yes, definitely. It's not intended to be exclusively for S&W; the goal is to promote OD&D just as much.

"Can I put the SWCG graphic on my blog?" Yes, that's what it's for; I just forgot to say so earlier. Sorry about that; oops.

Also, I added a page specifically for information about the Guild, for convenience.

That's all for now!
Again, if you want to join, just send me an email at mythmere at yahoo dot com.

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