Sunday, March 20, 2011

Free Module Update

Interestingly, Last Priest of Sebek has only been downloaded 34 times so far, which is a fairly low number, although it's slightly higher than I would have expected for a for-profit module over its first two days. I didn't hype the module directly on message boards, although I did place links to the blog entry on several boards, so I think it got roughly the same publicity as a regular module (there were lots of page views here).

I'm drawing a rough conclusion from this that people actually are following the honor system about donating to relief funds - in other words, since there's cash attached to it, even though it's indirect, it's operating roughly like it's a paid module.

I find it really heartening about our community that as far as I can tell, an honor system works. Kudos to everyone who has donated to Japan relief and gotten the module, and hopefully the module's downloads will continue apace. In general, module sales tend to remain pretty constant for a week or so before they drop off, so I have high hopes that this module will "sell" at least 60-75 copies before it starts to tail off.

Thanks again to those 34 people who have already shown their generosity!


  1. I'll spread the word on Twitter for you.

  2. Actually, it's because I've already donated everything I can afford to help Japan already through another initiative that I haven't downloaded the module. It doesn't seem right to benefit twice for the same donation.

  3. faoladh - if you've already tapped out on Japan, then the module is for you too. It's as much a "thank you" as it is a fund-raiser.

  4. I usually would immediately download anything on my blog feed. Instead I marked this one 'unread' until I had chosen a charity and made my payment. The honour system works pretty well - most people are lawful. ;)