Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Nameless City


An image of the City of Petra, which is mentioned as a visual reference point in the upcoming Swords & Wizardry module The Nameless City, by Alphonso Warden.

In addition (and not related to the module) this image also happened to point me to the following text:
We've had a very heavy start to our section on religion as it relates to human burials, what with the massive human sacrifices and the royal tombs at Ur, and with the megalomania behind the great tomb of that first emperor of China, who was trying to express his desire to become immortal himself through his own grave and its elaborate accompaniments. So it's a relief, I think, to turn to a site that presents us with the most life-affirming, joyous funeral ritual known to me: the site of the rock-cut city of Petra in Jordan, where the people had, for several centuries, a tradition of feasting with the dead.
The rest of the linked post is also fascinating and worth reading.

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