Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reviewer bloggers - You Rock!

Geordie Racer has just started a blog for old school reviews!

This sort of thing is what we really need out there. Continued kudos to The Underdark Gazette for the same approach.

Send stuff to these guys, and link to their blogs - independent reviews are what we all need with the plethora of resources out there.

Who else has blogs that are dedicated to reviews?

One answer (provided by edit) is Dreams in the Lich House (excellent blog name).

(EDIT: James M at Grognardia does reviews, of course, too! I was thinking specifically of blogs that are overwhelmingly dedicated to reviews).


  1. Reviews from R'lyeh

    Pookie reviews items for various systems but does quite a bit of OSR stuff!

  2. No.

    People like you are looking for advertisements and praise *NOT* reviews. In the osr sickening asskissing fanboys are considered "reviewers" and critics are considered aggresssive trolls.

  3. @Kent: I disagree with your point that critics are considered aggressive trolls.

    I posted four thorough reviews on the Dragonsfoot forums in the last couple of weeks. I pulled no punches and pointed out the bad elements of the modules. (Go check them out to see how critical I was. I'll wait for you...) Nobody seemed to consider me a troll, and one author was appreciative that I gave him such blunt, brutal feedback.

    But I do agree that sometimes (frequently?) module reviews aren't as critical as they ought to be.

  4. Wish I'd thought of it. Could have gotten lots of free gaming material.

  5. I added Grognardia to the list, since James M does a goodly number of gaming reviews. Mainly, as I mentioned in the edit, though, I was thinking of blogs that are primarily for reviews.

  6. Matt, I suspect that most blogs that do RPG reviews also write other gaming (and non-gaming) posts. That's why I tag my reviews with the "review" tag, for those that want reviews w/o the rest of the noise ;)