Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Collector effect on S&W Tome of Horrors

Clark Peterson's announcement that he's starting his own company could create a market-cornering situation on those Tome of Horrors books (ie, if it's the last publication by Necro Games, collectors may have an abnormally large presence). I am going to talk to Bill about reserving some copies for SWCG members, although I don't know exactly how that would work in terms of details.

As far as I know, this isn't anywhere near approaching a risk level (I am NOT trying to stampede sales: I don't even think the size of the print run is established yet, so it could presumably be increased to meet an unusual demand if that surfaces), but I want to ensure as best I can that we don't have a situation where non-players crowd out the players.

I really don't want to repeat the situation where we sell out of something in 14 hours and leave a lot of actual gamers with no book. I'm not sure this is even necessary since it's not a limited edition (AFAIK) but I am still inexperienced enough with traditional publishing that I want to make double sure it's covered.

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