Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I love random generation tables. Eventually FGG is going to publish the book of them that I compiled, but I just stumbled upon a really excellent book of tables by Courtney Campbell (fortunately not taking the same approach I did in mine, or I would have been totally scooped).

It's a free download - just go to hackslashmaster and scroll down, looking at the right hand side until you reach DM2: Tricks, Empty Rooms, & Basic Trap Design. It's a 30 page book of tables and commentary used to flesh out ... tricks, empty rooms, and traps, as advertised in the title.

There's a treasure book as well (less interesting to me than the other book because I can think up treasures all day long, but not traps or tricks). If you like treasure generation, though, grab it. It's also free, courtesy of Courtney.

I'm surprised that I haven't heard this book talked about more, because it's really a great resource.


  1. Courtney does some Great Stuff! And I'm looking forward to your FGG book! There's a reason you're my favorite OSR designer and the Design Deskbook 1 & 2 are a big part of that reason! :)

  2. Thanks Matt!

    I debated on tracking down design desk-book 1 & 2. Is the new book going to supercede those, or are they still worth picking up?

  3. I have a website of random tables as well. Some people might find it interesting:


  4. @Anarchist, your site is wonderful. I could have sworn I already linked it. I headed over to the site the other day and ended up playing that adventure game for far too long.

  5. The new book will contain the two first books, so there's an unfortunate overlap in terms of how the cost will work out. They work best in a single book, but I couldn't float that on my own. Frog God Games can, so we went with the single book, but it does leave those first two books as kind of redundant.