Sunday, March 27, 2011

Left Brain, Right Brain

Lots of people probably know that art is one of my favorite things about swords & sorcery and fantasy in general. I love it when bloggers post cool pictures from an artist I've never seen before. So I just wanted to mention that Josh Sherrer has put up some freaky weird paintings by an artist named Zdzislaw Beksinski.

Link to the Grimmhaus weird art post. It's safe for work and is not gory, but it is spoooooooooooooky.

Interestingly, because they don't come in the right order, Josh also describes a new monster here that could almost be the write-up for the thing in the third Beksinski painting (it's the second monster described in his post, the screamer). I'm curious whether Josh was looking at those images back when he wrote up the monster descriptions.

Moving on to the left side of the brain, Beedo has posted an excellent analysis for the number-crunchers in the crowd, looking at what you can get from various classic modules (and a couple of new ones). This is really worth taking a look at.


  1. Too bad that Beksinski was murdered :-(

  2. I am now following Grimmhaus. Thanks Matt :)

  3. Thanks for the comments, Matt. The Screamer was partially influenced by the painting in question but, it was also influenced by an article detailing some new folklore that came from Miami street kids. (

    Looking back at that picture I do have to say it must have influenced me more than I realized considering the nature of screamers to live in abandoned cities and buildings...