Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Free Random Generation Tables

In addition to the free books of random generation tables from Courtney Campbell mentioned in my last post, I should also mention a couple of other excellent table-sites (all free):

Courtney's blog: Hack & Slash (you're looking for the DM1 and DM2 downloads on right hand side)
Tables for Fables
Kellri's netbook (scroll right-hand side looking for CDD #4 for the famous one)

If there are any other table-crafters out there, let me know, and I will edit this list.

With the help of the commenters, I am adding the following to the list:


  1. I have some random tables:
    And there will be more of them pretty soon :-)

  2. There's DM Muse too:

    A lot of blogs have some great tables, Gorgomilk for example ( What we really need is an aggregator for the few at each blog. Maybe there is one?