Saturday, March 26, 2011

Frog God Games Releases Eclipse of the Hearth

This is a bit belated, but the release of Splinters of Faith 5, Eclipse of the Hearth, came right around the same time as the release of Jungle Ruins of Madaro-Shanti, The Nameless City, Revenge of the Long Serpent, and the free release of Last Priest of Sebek. This module is #5 in the series of Splinters of Faith modules (a series, but each one is stand alone). This is one of my two favorites in that series (along with #3). It's very sword & sorcery, with a desert theme.

Description: The pyramid Seraph, once a holy temple, now lies under the sway of darkness. Breaking into the temple is hard enough, but braving the sinister twists awaiting in the dark catacombs will test the strongest PCs. Level 5-7.

Price: $8.99 for book and pdf (book is softcover).
$4.99 for the pdf alone, if you don't want the book.

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday - it has been a really busy couple of days in RL.


  1. I think most bloggers don't post every day, so don't get worked up over it.

  2. Since this is coming from Frog God, shouldn't it be called "Toadal Eclipse of the Hearth"?

    Sorry, but they went there first.

  3. :) I'm too exhausted from the last couple of days (including a 5 mile race this morning) to be worked up about anything. If my house caught fire at the moment, I think my reaction wouldn't rise much above: "darn, that's inconvenient."


  4. @Spawn,
    The first instance of awful punning is actually "Ursined, Sealed, and Delivered." So, yeah, it's open season on bad puns with FGG.

    ...of course, puns have been part of the D&D landscape since day one :) It's the continuation of a grand tradition of terrible humor.

  5. Yikes, I missed Ursined .... Groans, unlike some other emotional responses, seem to be transmitted with high-fidelity across the blogosphere.

    Roc on.