Monday, March 14, 2011

RPGNow Review of Knockspell #5 (5 stars)

This short 5-star review was posted by featured reviewer Stuart Robertson at RPGNow for Knockspell Magazine Issue #5:

The Review:
This is a really fun periodical and I look forward to new issues being available. It reminds me of the D&D magazine I used to read back in the 80s and is filled with the same kind of material. Interesting articles, new monsters and spells, and a couple of neat adventures. I highly recommend spending the $5 for this PDF especially if you have an iPad or other E-book reader you can transfer your PDF to. Sitting with a cup of coffee and reading an old school gaming magazine is great.

[5 of 5 Stars!]

Available in both print or pdf at the Lulu store (
or at RPGnow as a pdf:

The table of contents:
2 Editor’s Note, Matt Finch
2 Adventuring at Conventions, Tim Kask
3 Teach Your Children, Bill Webb
6 Out of the Bag: Generating Encounters with Scrabble Tiles, Jim Pacek
9 Dark Gods, Al Krombach
12 WhiteBox Weaponry, Richard Lionheart
18 Where Dwells the Mountain God, Bill Silvey
28 Operation Unfathomable, Jason Sholtis
49 Weird Watery Magic of Vats and Pools, Richard Hart
53 Five Portable Rooms, Andrew Trent
56 Magic Items of the High Seas, James E. Bobb and Kim Nicholson
57 ‘Don’t Touch Anything’: Traps in Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox Edition, Scott A. Murray
59 Sorcerous Servitors, Jason Sholtis
61 NPCs of Note, Rob Hewlett
62 The Bestiary, Matt Finch


  1. I'll fix that post-haste! Sorry!

  2. I love that cover illustration. I'll pick up a copy soon!

  3. I should add that I'm trying to revise the lulu interior pages, because the credit section (artists and cartographers) got dropped when I did the layout. Unfortunately, Acrobat is making one error, and cutepdfwriter is making a different error, so thus far I haven't been able to create a replacement pdf.

    Technology can be intensely frustrating. :(