Friday, March 11, 2011

Artist Gig

Dennis Sustare is writing an adventure for his game table at North Texas RPG Con; the convention prints out copies (I think 25) of the big-name guys' adventures to sell from the convention's booth. Either Frog God Games or I will then do editing and layout on the adventure and publish it in the shaped-up form.

Dennis emailed me yesterday to see if there was anyone who would be willing to do some illustrations for the module before his deadline for the convention (which is April 15). This would be a paid gig (paid by me or Frog God, not Dennis), since the module will eventually be published.

I'd be looking for 2-4 interior illustrations, and Dennis has given me descriptions of a set of scenes he'd like. Pen-and-ink or greyscales that don't show computer enhancement are what we're looking for. So if those are your media and you're interested, please contact me at mythmere at yahoo (dot) com.

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