Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Orcs on the Internet

Recently spotted in classified ads:


Recently find internet in cavern with dead mindflayer, figure out how to use, develop corporate strategy. Offer great deal on troubleshooting for creative corporate solutions. Orcish horde. Work great in deadline situation, merger negotiation, many other uses. Confidential. Se habla drow.

Horde provided from 30 up to 300 specialists, as follow:
Sword & flail: 5% unless otherwise specified in contract
Sword & spear: 10%
Axe & spear 10%
Axe & polearm: 10% (polearm vary, several possibilities: inquire on details)
Axe & crossbow: 10%
Axe & bow: 10%
Sword & battleaxe: 5%
Spear: 10%
Axe: 10%
Polearm: 20%

Leader-types and military consultants provided as per industry standards.

Cost per specialist: 2-12 electrum piece.

Only one horde per client unless powerful leader-type provided by client.

Thank you for your business.

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