Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Review of Nameless City

Thank you Tenkar, for posting the first review of the Nameless City!
Here is the link to Tenkar's Review

The announcement and information about the Nameless City is here.


  1. Cool. I Am downloading mine as I type this.

    Hope to have a review myself up soon.

  2. As many reviews as possible! I've always believed that small numbers of reviews are the weakest link in the whole old-school network. Information is incredibly important to an internet-based community where you can't really pick things up and browse through them before buying.

  3. Looks like he downloaded it, skimmed it real fast, copied the back blurb, and pushed out a review in some kind of weird desire to be "First!". I'll wait to see a real review.

  4. Nah, I was the one who started talking about "first." He just posted the review and I saw it. :)

  5. I can't wait to read this!

    @ Dan: Maybe it's some police officer "rubber stamping the paperwork" methodology coming through unconsciously? ;D

  6. Also, I love the cover! That's the kind of CGI I like to see in my RPG material!

    Who is the artist??!

  7. Re. my previous comment, the cover artwork really looked like something out of an eighties Wizardry-style CRPG on my iphone, and I wrongfully assumed that it was deliberate stylistic choice.

  8. The artist is John Bingham (Xyanthon). He and Alphonso worked together on the creative direction for the module (not layout - any problems with layout are me).

    For John, the cover artwork is similar to his normal color style, but the interior art (all pen and ink) can be seen to be darker than his normal approach, which I think is a deliberate approach to the module's subject matter. By darker I mean literally darker with ink, not that it's darker in terms of content.

  9. Well I know one thing. I am probably not going to run this using S&W or a clone. I want to run this using a a modern horror game!

    This is a perfect adventure of Lovecraft-like horror. Just change the heroes from fighter, wizard and rogue to an archeologist, an occult scholar and a plucky reporter and it is a great horror adventure.

    More later.

  10. @Dan - it was more then a skim, less then a full read. Same method I use at work - not an enjoyable way to read, but effective.

    It's called a "Mini-Review for a reason... it's short and quick. I always attach the publisher's blurb to the end of the Mini-reviews.

    God bless James over at Grognardia, but if I posted at his lengths, I'd have to choose between my paying job and blogging ;)

  11. Cool, I was hoping this would eventually see print!

    @Blair- I'm the artist. I still owe you a picture - I haven't forgotten but I'm busy with some commission work for Expeditious Retreat Press and Small Niche Games.

    @Mythmere- I'm looking forward to picking up a copy. Alphonso does great work and I always thought our collaborations tuned out well.