Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Note to all bloggers and other SWCG members

I have set up the Swords & Wizardry Creative Guild newsletter to be administered as a Yahoo group in order to ensure the privacy of members (the group is set up so that only I get responses, and email addresses of the members aren't shown to anyone).

However, this means that in order to get on the list, you need to accept an invitation to the group, which I have sent out. In the future, the way for a new member to join the group will be to email (I think that's how it works, anyway - if not, I'll revise this information).

If you e-mailed me with a subscription request and did NOT receive an invitation to the group from Yahoo, please try that email address above. Yahoo told me it had sent fewer invitations than I gave it on the invitation list, and I'm not sure why.

Publicity/Traffic Alert to Bloggers
The first newsletter, which I will send out in a day or so, when people have had a chance to accept the invitations to the group, will contain a list of member bloggers. If you have not joined (and your blog has a focus on OD&D, Holmes Basic, or S&W - or is entirely system-free), please make sure you send a subscription request so your blog can be on this initial list. Make sure you send me your blog's link in the email, so I can include it in the e-zine.



  1. Why not a forum / new section on Mythmere Games forum?

  2. Possibly - but first I want to set up a fairly centralized newsletter-type thing. If the membership warrants it, or it starts to require more direct co-ordination between members on their activities, then I'll create a more public forum for cross-communication.

  3. Could you sign me up? I'm already in your links.

  4. Dan, I can't automatically sign you up to the ezine list - you have to email and then I click to activate/approve you.