Friday, March 18, 2011

Free Module - Japan Relief

I am posting up a free module on, with the request that if you download it, you also donate at least $1 to disaster relief in Japan. This page on contains links to various organizations that can take donations. It's just on the honor system.

Back to the gaming side, though:
The module is by Alphonso Warden - I bought the manuscript from Alphonso together with the one for The Nameless City, and it is usable as a prequel to Nameless City. It's 17 pages long (10 text pages, title page, intro page, 3 map/handout pages, and 2 pages about Swords & Wizardry). The art is by John Bingham, as with The Nameless City, and I did the maps.


This is the link to the lulu store, then just scroll down.


  1. Hope you don't mind. Just echoed your Lulu donation link.
    (I'm a big fan of S&W Whitebox btw keep up the good work)

  2. Very cool! (I knew the Nameless City maps were your work! I really like your illustrations, by the way.)

  3. Great idea, will review this somewhere after I've had a thorough look.

  4. An excellent idea! The announcement has also been reposted to (thanks to BePe for his super-fast work). :)

  5. Kudos, Matt.

    Here's a link to the Japanese Red Cross:

  6. I downloaded it yesterday, and donated today to red cross via DriveTrhoughRPG. Thanks, Matt.

  7. okay let me know where to pay i want to buy and donate