Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reviews and Comments on SotWDS

... SotWDS being "Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea" (link is to the announcement where there are links to the various places to get it).

Tenkar has provided a mini-review of the book at Tenkar's Tavern. In addition to a positive reaction, he poses a question that needs an answer: will there be prints of the artwork? The answer is that it depends on the individual artist. This book, in terms of what I do for the artists, is kind of like a set-spike combination in volleyball: I did the "set," but the artist should decide how to direct the actual spike that's permitted by any additional visibility. Keep in mind that I interact with most of these guys on a narrow wavelength - their relatively traditional fantasy work. Most of them operate on a much broader aesthetic spectrum, and the way they present themselves as artists shouldn't be limited by the sort of "inventory" that I would select from their portfolios. If there's an artist whose work you like, I'd rather that you find that artist's actual broad-spectrum portfolio rather than relying on the much narrower constraints I used for the book.

Comments by Artists
I'm really pleased about the positive reactions the artists themselves have had to the book.
Johnathan Bingham has this:.
So if you're a fan of OSR art, I highly reccommend going out and buying a copy. It's even better than pie!

Stefan Poag has this, where Johnathan and JD Jarvis (also one of the artists in the book) weigh in with comments.

Of the full-time professionals, Christopher Burdett (credits on Buffy and Firefly) and Paul Jaquays (Judges Guild, TSR, HALO, etc.) both weighed in to praise the book via email, and Christopher mentioned that he's planning on blogging about it shortly - his blog is here. Nothing about it yet, though.

The response has been really fantastic, and it has been a great privilege to work with all of these guys. The talent contained in this book is utterly staggering.

My favorite exchange of comments, though, was on Knights & Knaves:
Axemental: "... This will go perfectly under my coffee table to be pulled out before I DM a game for inspiration."
The Red Priest: "Why not just fix the table leg? :)"

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