Friday, April 22, 2011

15 minute Fantasy Blast

I have 15 minutes before the next real-life task of the day, so the objective here is to pull out an evocative stream-of-consciousness post during the course of those 15 minutes. Starting with the word "otyugh," and proceeding through word association.

Otyugh, offal, deer, stag, hunt, wild hunt, horned helmet, viking, fur cape, bear, giant bear, fangs, teeth left on the stone floor of a dungeon, skeleton underneath flagstones, mortar, statue with indistinct outlines made of mortar, exploding mortar, falling wall, secret passageway behind old, poorly constructed wall, mouldering carpets, dangerous dust, beams of light shining through dust, light beams that shine on bronze plates triggering trap if the light stops shining on them, symbol etched in metal, Tsojcanth has the effects for those magic circles shown in the DMG, efreet, fire, burning lake of oil, narrow bridge, wizard and white light, monsters with blinding light behind them, searchlight in large dungeon area where you have to avoid it, underground structures, city of underground creatures, lake where they come from, lake has secret passage to other dungeon area underneath, hydraulics, vast moving pistons under the ground, possible flooding of the entire area under the lake if wrong thing is done, flotation devices for adventurers, air sacs, special diving suits, expedition into non-water environment needing protective garments, deep-sea diving, sharks, shark wearing necklace, transformed deity, feeding frenzy, blood in water, blood floating in air, liquid causes problems in gravity-free room, globes float in gravity-free room, breaking globes releases substances both beneficial and baneful, dark ink in air, giant squid floats in air, giant floating squid with weapons, giant floating squid with weapons and mental attacks, giant squid that pulls levers.

13 minutes, including introduction. Hah!
Kind of funny to track the connection between each thing I typed. Mentioning the DMG led to "efreet," for example...


  1. Ha-ha! I dig it,Kemosabe. A lot of my best stuff comes to me through stream of consciousness.

  2. Pretty much how I write all of my stuff. The main thing is you need lots of fuel, or ideas in stock, to play off of.