Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gygax your name

I'm making this up as I go along, so it might suck -- consider it the beta version.

Step 1: Roll 1d6
1-3: Take your name (first, last, both, whatever). Unless the first two letters are "Th" or "Sh,"reverse the letters. Ma becomes Am, Wi becomes Iw, etc. If the first two letters were Th, change to Ts. If the first 2 letters were Sh, change to Ss.
4-5: Don't reverse the letters, but add a "j" after the first 2 letters if the third letter is a vowel, or add "y" after the first two letters if the third letter is a consonant.
6: Roll d6 again: (1-3) Add "Y" as the first letter of the name, (4-6) Add "Qua" before the rest of the name.

Step 2: Then:
Roll 1d6 again.
1-2 Don't make any more changes
3-5: Reverse the last two letters of your name (unless "ph" "ch," or "th" in which case see below). If the last letter is now a vowel, roll 1d6 and add the indicated letter at the end. (1) "j," (2) "x," (3) "re" (4) "ff" (5) "u" (6) "pp." Otherwise, with the name ending in a consonant, roll 1d6 and do THIS: (1-2) nothing, (3-4) remove the consonant, (5) double the consonant, e.g., "w" becomes "ww" (6) Split the name into two parts with the first word ending after the first time you run into a vowel followed by a consonant.

If your name ends with "ph" "ch" or "th," roll 1d6: (1) add "o" at the end (2) add an "e" at the end, (3-4) add "u" at the end, (5) add "a" at the end, (6) exchange those letters for "dun."

6: Take the last three letters of the name and move them to the front of the name.

Step 3:
Roll 1d6
(1-2) Pick any consonant, and make it a double consonant (e.g., "k" to "kk")
(3-4) Remove any syllable if the name is too long
(5-6) Change one letter to any other letter

Thus, "Matthew" might become Amtathwe or Maytthe or Quamatthwere.

William might become Iamiwll or Ywillimaj.

See how it works, and let me know in the comments...