Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Book Release: Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea (Art)

Announcing the release of the long-awaited book of old-school art, from artists such as Paul Jaquays, Jason Braun, Rowena Aitken, Stefan Poag, Christopher Burdett, Paul Fini, and many others! The book presents a broad picture of the artworks that have built much of the visual side of the "Old School Renaissance." It contains many full-color paintings and illustrations (which is why the price is somewhat higher than a book with a b/w interior - each format is simply marked up by approximately $4 from the lulu cost, with artists receiving royalties from the profits).

Link to hardcover ($38.50)
Link to softcover ($28.99)
Link to pdf at lulu ($6)
Link to pdf at RPGNow ($6)

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Note: Since I mention products from several publishers, this is a Mythmere Games product (i.e., one of mine).

For those who followed my postings about getting the cover of this book uploaded to lulu, you know that we also have James Kramer to thank for his expert assistance! Thanks, Jim!

Here is the full Table of Contents:
Mark Ahmed 2
Rowena Aitken 4
Robert Altbauer 7
Zhu Baije 11
John Bingham 14
Christopher Burdett 17
Robert S. Conley 20
Michael Cotè 21
Emilio Dominguez 24
Matt Finch 25
Paul Fini 27
Peter Fitzpatrick 28
Paul Jaquays 30
JD Jarvis 35
James M. Keegan 36
Aaron Keesher 37
James D. Kramer 38
John Larrey 40
Brian LeBlanc 44
Kevin Mayle 45
MKultra Studio 46
Mike Moran 49
Peter Mullen 50
Nathan Nada 54
Stefan Poag 57
Jeff Preston 60
Dirk Remmecke 62
Jason Sholtis 63
Peter Szmer 66
Andy “atom” Taylor 69
Chad Thorson 70
Kevin Vito 72
Hugh Vogt 75
David White 77


  1. Dang it, I meant to put that in - this is basically the blurb from lulu. I'll put up a complete list when I get back from Tae Kwon Do practice.

  2. Sweet. Did I make the cut? I forgot about this.

  3. Mike: yes, you're in there (I added the Table of Contents to the main body of the post).

  4. Man "Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea" is cool but a pain in the butt to say to your mother over the phone.

  5. Thanks for covering me in the bio section. I guess I missed that email %) It was great to see this released.

  6. Rob, you missed BOTH those emails :)