Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big News of the Day - Castle of the Mad Archmage

The news that's clearly going to rule the old school airwaves today is Black Blade Publishing's announcement that they will be publishing Joe Bloch's Castle of the Mad Archmage. Joe wrote this Castle-Greyhawk-homage megadungeon on his blog keeping true to the information he had about Castle Greyhawk's history.

I won't copy the whole press release here (it's in the link above, in any case), but it's clear that this is going to be a very high end, expensive product with big maps, a folio, and other goodies. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Fans of Castle Greyhawk, in particular, will be very interested - my only wish about this is that Jeff Talanian could also have been involved since he actually worked with EGG on Castle Zagyg.

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