Friday, April 1, 2011

A is also for "Continuing the Publication Process on Lulu"

So sue me, my abcedarian skills are questionable. In part one of this quick series about posting a resource onto lulu, which really did begin with the letter "A," I got as far as the point where lulu has now created a print-ready file of the interior of the art book (Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea), I checked it, and hit "Save and Continue." You have to read the comments to see the whole progression step-by-step, because I didn't want to put up a whole new post for each step.

Now we are at the part where fear grips me.

10:49AM USA Central Time
It's time to make the cover. Normally, that's not a big deal. I simply use the "old" cover designer on lulu, which is an interface which makes a lot of sense to me. Upload a jpeg for the front cover. Upload a jpeg for the back cover. Remove the text that lulu puts on there.

Not so in this case, because I've got a really nice one-piece cover from Jim Kramer, but I am not familiar with using a one-piece cover. My baby interface that I normally use won't do this; I have to venture into the world of stuff I'm not familiar with.


  1. As long as the one-piece cover meets the pixel sizes lulu recommends, you should do fine. The templates have jpegs that show the exact dimensions required for front-binding-back.

    Good luck!

  2. Hehheheh - see the next post. "You should do fine" is NOT what happens next. I'm completely cheerful about this whole process, by the way - I've done most of it a million times before. But there's always the new thing. This time, it's the one-piece cover to grapple with.