Saturday, April 9, 2011

... and the old computer is dead

When I was starting to set up the new computer, I turned off the old one. And, apparently the sight of the new computer was simply too much for it ... it will no longer turn on.

Which unfortunately means that I lost a bit of data. Not much (assuming that the external drive has everything it's supposed to), but I may have lost some notes and things. So, if we've been in communication over the last couple of days, it's possible that I no longer have any record of it. This goes especially for any debt collectors. Not listening, "lalalalalala..."

My wife's computer doesn't seem to have an "end" button to go with the "home" button. How can you type anything without an "end" button??? That's really weird.

The new computer isn't connected to the internet yet -- I need to find the right codes to connect it to the router. Hopefully I can get it going soon.


  1. Buy a USB hard drive enclosure for the hard drive in the old laptop - you may be able to get your data off of it yet!

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  3. If you feel up to it, post a list of symptoms and myself and other can give some suggestions. Sometime if all you want to do to get some data it can be straightforward and cheap to do it.

    Anyway feel your pain, in the midst of recovering from a bad hard drive myself.