Sunday, May 1, 2011

Still Looking for Knockspell Articles

Now that I'm pretty much done with the revisions to the S&W Core Rules, I'm working on putting together Knockspell Magazine #6, which is a task I've neglected a bit while getting the blog up and running and working on the Core Rules. As a result, it definitely looks like I'm still short on material, so if anyone has a cool idea for an article they might want to write, or has some spells, tricks, traps, magic items, etc that they'd like to see in the magazine, contact me and let me know. My email is mythmere at yahoo dot com.

I look forward to hearing from people!


  1. When is deadline for submission?

  2. How about something like May 15? I already pushed the original deadline back because I was working on the Core Rules.

    It's weird -- sometimes I can multitask really well, and sometimes I can't do it at all. This time around, I totally failed my saving throw versus obsessiveness.

    Um, so how about May 15?

  3. The last exam I have to sit is May 20th, so I guess I'll pass. :/

    Unless you want to take something from my blog, like the S&W monster generator and tell me how to improve it to make it publishable. :)

  4. What about a short adventure, say with an old school stylized map?

  5. @ m.s. jackson - absolutely! Send it to me at mythmere at yahoo dot com!