Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free advertising in Knockspell Magazine

As per normal, I'm offering free advertising in Knockspell magazine for blogs and publishers of "OSR" materials. To get your ad into the magazine, you need to send me a 300dpi graphic of the advertisement in jpeg format, and it should be roughly a quarter page. Send it to mythmere at yahoo dot com. Please don't include anything time-sensitive like special prices or announcements that a module has just been released, because (a) my publication schedule is not exactly predictable, and (b) since it will stay on lulu and rpgnow, some people will be buying this months and months after the publication date.

You can also send me a description of your blog, product, or company to be included as a classified ad: these should bot be longer than 25 words.

Any submissions are subject to being rejected, although so far I haven't ever rejected anything since I started doing free advertising in the magazine years ago. But I retain the right to reject things that are for 3e or any other objection I might have.

Out of caution, please get these to me before June 15th, which is my newest extended deadline for the magazine.

Even if you have sent me an advertisement before, please send me a graphic, even if it is the old one. I have no idea which of the blogs I have on file may have folded, which publishers have sold out of products they mentioned, and whether the graphics are 300dpi (which has become a lulu requirement, now).


  1. Hi Matt. Can you give us a suggestion/sample of how one might create an "ad" for a blog?

  2. Usually it's just a picture with the blog's web address, maybe a few words to describe the blog in general (like whatever tagline you use: e.g., The Underdark Gazette's tagline is "Playing Dungeons & Dragons during the Old School Renaissance. Home of the OSR News"

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  5. Apparently the words "free adv*****ing" is a spell that summons bots that offer advertising services. I'm deleting those as I spot them.

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