Monday, May 9, 2011

No Core Rules Today :(

Pursuant to my last post, in which I optimistically opined that I might get the 4th print Core Rules out today ...

I never even made it close to the uploading part -- first I realized I hadn't put page numbers into the table of contents yet, then I realized I hadn't done the character sheet, and then I checked the formatting and SOMETHING had screwed up the page location of the iron golem, and although that turns out to give me space for an illustration of a grey ooze (YAY I can actually draw oozes), it also means that as a matter of being a perfectionist I now need to draw a grey ooze...

And then I will be back to where I thought I was this morning. Two steps forward, one step back.


  1. I've been there brother - man have I been there.

  2. And now I have to take note that it was another optimistic opining to say that I could draw a grey ooze. *sigh*

  3. News flash: I can actually draw a grey ooze, but it really looks like a psychadelic 1975 poster.

  4. There was something evil with technology today. I had so many problems with Blogger, it wasn't even funny.