Saturday, May 21, 2011


I wish I had a picture of this thing: it's like a zombie, only with this flopping, horrible, enormously long tongue that probably drags on the ground. It's a 3e monster that I converted to old school.


Hit Dice: 10

Armor Class: 0[19]

Attacks: 1 fist (1d8) or tongue (paralysis)

Saving Throw: 5

Special: paralyzing tongue

Move: 12

Alignment: Chaotic

Challenge Level/XP: 13/2,300

Mohrgs are the animated corpses of mass murderers or similar villains who died without atoning for their crimes. They resemble zombies, but are far more dangerous, being somewhat more intelligent, much faster, and much stronger a zombie.

Due to a morhg’s blinding speed, these monsters will always attack first during a combat round unless squared off against an opponent using some sort of magic that increases the character’s own speed of motion (such as boots of speed). Morghs have two possible methods of attacking. First, the morgh’s tongue extends five feet, and has a paralyzing effect. A saving throw at -2 is permitted to avoid this effect, but victims failing the saving throw are paralyzed for 1d6 turns. The morgh’s second option in combat is to strike opponents with its fists. When the morgh hits with its hands, the strike not only causes damage, but allows the morgh to hold on if the victim fails a saving throw. A character who is so held cannot attack, and if the morgh with its tongue in a subsequent round, the tongue will hit automatically (although the victim is still allowed a saving throw to avoid paralysis). Any held character may break free with a successful saving throw during the character’s attack initiative.

Any character killed by mohrg will rise after 1d4 days as a zombie under the morhg’s control. Thus, morghs are often found accompanied by 1d6 zombies.


  1. Here's a picture:

  2. Nah, it should look like a zombie with a long tongue. That's a totally wrong picture :)

  3. That's the one used in the 3e MM, though.

  4. I don't care, it's just wrong. ;) It's not my fault they put a wrong picture in there, it happened on their watch. Fie upon them. Maybe I will try to draw my own picture of what it really looks like, a la Zak's re-imagining of the Fiend Folio (only obviously with less technical skill). :)