Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting Ready for North Texas RPGCon

Well, the time is almost upon us, and I need to finish up the expansions and some re-population on the Ruins of Mythrus Tower, not to mention packing and getting things set for the family so I don't get a call in the middle of a game session asking if there is a secret stash of bread or light bulbs hidden somewhere in the house.

Getting ready for a con is a lot less fun than actually being at the convention, which I guess goes without saying. Nevertheless, actually getting on the road is a real relief, and I can't wait. Mostly what I'll be doing at the con is running the series of Mythrus Tower dungeon expeditions, but I hope to get enough time free to watch the charity game, go to the K&KA social, and watch Erol Otus do some drawing!


  1. One thing I am looking for to at NTRPG Con is putting faces to Internet personas. Should be fun.

  2. Yeah...I'm in crunch time getting the Serpent Temple ready for a party of rowdy adventurers to ransack. :D

    See you in a couple of days, Matt. Travel safely.