Thursday, May 26, 2011

Honkin' Big Sale on S&W Core Rules!

In addition to the 25% off lulu sale (coupon code: CYBERMAY305), I have cut the price on the books by $1 each. So the effective prices should be as shown below. The prices can now be measured in terms of how much you'd pay for lunch -- bring a sandwich to work tomorrow instead of going to the deli and you've virtually financed the softcover right there (depending on where you live).

Softcover: $14 with my discount ($15 normally) Price would effectively be $10.50 with lulu discount

Hardcover: $24 with my discount ($25 normally) Price would effectively be $18.00 with lulu discount

I will probably keep my $1 discount going for a month or so after the lulu sale, but obviously the lulu sale is where the real discount lies -- my $1 off is just to add some additional kicker.

If you're buying 5 copies of the same book at lulu, they give an additional discount of 5%. So if you're buying for a gaming group it's better to have one person order the copies for everyone instead of having everyone buy separately.

Also note that this doesn't reduce shipping costs, only the cost of a printed product.

You can only use the coupon code ONCE, so your first order should contain everything you want.

Edit: the lulu sale ends on May 31.


  1. Doh! I bought right after reading your previous post. Lost a $1.25. That's a small coffee (obviously not Starbucks, more like McDonalds).

  2. Damn! Sorry, I made the price changes as fast as I could once I thought of it.

  3. Gee only two days after I ordered my hard copy ;-). Hope they do well looking forward to getting the hardcover rules to compliment your excellent Monster Book.

  4. I make it a practice, when I'm going to buy something from lulu, to wait for the next sale. It's usually not more than about 3 weeks between the minor sales. 25% off is a big sale, though; most of them are 10%.

  5. Good point. I did get to use a 20% off at the time so it wasn't as bad as I made it out to be.