Monday, May 2, 2011

Capsule Review of Deskbook #1 at lulu

bubbavader has posted a nice capsule review of Deskbook #1 over at lulu, which I'm copying in full since it's short enough.

By bubbavader
This book is very interesting and quite fantaastic. I am using it as a tool for story ideas with a student of mine along with Kellri's CDD#4. It generates evocative concepts such as: Granite Pit of the Undead Spider, The Flesh Gallery of the Wounded Mage, Prayer cages, The Screaming Dome, Mutation Crown, etc and provides 1000 patrons or targets as well as adventures hooks ideas, and majordomos of the the BBEG (and their motivations!). There is really a lot to love and it is well worth the asking price. I am looking forward to the compiled edition for even more ideas. I have printed out Kellri's netbook and this to make an awesome bible of story creativity! This for big picture, and Kellri's for details.


  1. I plan on doing up an actual review in the future, but I just wanted to say that I am using this great book for my current campaign. What were the results that kicked off my game you ask?

    The cottage of the zombie mother. ;-)

  2. I posted the lulu review and have since come to love the book even more. It really is helpful in throwing some magic in a game and the follow up create writing by my student is rather inspiring. Thank you for the great book. I am curious about the release of the compiled hardback, is there any update you can give us? Also, will there be a similiar price drop on the monster deskbook on lulu due to the upcoming release of the compiled book?