Sunday, April 14, 2013

On Saturday, I made my way through a horrendous traffic jam in the middle of Houston to attend MagCon 5, an event organized by David Donohoo to benefit his school district's "at-risk student" program. Which is an awesome cause.

I really should have done some publicity-gathering for the con ahead of time, but I ended up so busy with Razor Coast and other projects that talking up MagCon never quite hit the top of the agenda.

I had an EXCELLENT time; there were only 4 players in my game (normally 12-14), which changes the pace considerably. I don't mean to suggest that the con was hurting for players; there were tables and tables of wargames, boardgames, and other RPG's. The turnout was much smaller than North Texas, but much larger than I would have expected. I recommend this convention.

By the way, it was a TPK. The only survivor was the hired halfling torchbearer, Sam, the only person who knows where to find the suspended-in-time remains of his erstwhile employers.


  1. As one of the 'erstwhile employers' whose remains are held in stasis somewhere within Matt's amazingly excellent dungeon, I'd just like to say to any future gamers at later conventions: "Help!"

  2. I'm going to try and rescue them at NTRPGCon. Surely, they have kin or friends that have gotten in touch with Sam and recovered a map of their whereabouts. :)

  3. As soon as Rennon wakes up, he's running out of there (avoiding all traps, etc. along the way!)

    I can save him for another upcoming campaign :P

  4. Hey Matt, can you have a skeletal halfling throw darts at people from the shadows when they enter that room :)

  5. The desire to throw darts into melee combat is stronger than the veil of death .....

    And a ghostly voice says, "You'll be fiiiiine..."