Friday, April 5, 2013

And the Winners Are...

Rolling the d10 ...
Dak Ultimak

Each of you needs to tell me if you want issue #1 or #2 (based on your own collection, I might suggest). I will send you the link to download it.

Then, when S&W Appreciation Day rolls around, you can give away one copy of the pdf to one of your loyal (or disloyal, if you so choose) followers. Dak, I need your email addy.


  1. Great! :D
    I'll take issue #1.
    Thank you!

  2. Lars: sent! Now you can start figuring out a cool way to give it to one of your peeps.

  3. Matt, if Dak doesn't see this by tonight I'll give him a nudge - I should have his contact info.

  4. Thanks Guys! I've been out in the middle of nowhere all weekend. But I already have the Knockspell Compilation 1-3, so I don't really "need" the prize. I was more interested in having a copy to give away.

    Matt, I'll send you an email.