Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Knockspell #6 Now Released!

KNOCKSPELL #6 cooks breakfast with Balrog fire!

If, like Led Zeppelin, you're going down to the Misty Mountains, you're going to need something to read on the way -- and not just that, but at this very moment, lulu is offering a 15% off sale. All's right with the world.

This issue rocks the house with two .. count 'em ... TWO full-sized adventures, one from Gabor Lux, and another from John Stater. Isles on an Emerald Sea IV and The Catacombs of Ophir await you. These are good adventures, people. Don't miss them. There is a ton more, of course -- here's the Table of Contents:

1 Editor’s Note Matt Finch
2 From Kuroth’s Quill #4 Allan T. Grohe, Jr.*
11 Random Orc Generator by Robert Lionheart
14 Isles on an Emerald Sea IV by Gabor Lux
18 Random Perks and Flaws by Stefan Poag
21 Fire and Other Eldritch Energies by Matt Finch
26 The Body in the Street: Fiction by Al Krombach
28 OUCH, My Brain Hurts! by Robert Lionheart
35 Catacombs of Ophir by John Stater
39 A Duet of Bards by Doyle Tavener and Tenkar
45 Locks and Traps as a “Mini-Game” by James Pacek
47 City Source: Byzantium by Matt Finch
56 New Magic Items (various authors)
57 Deadly Distillations and Fantastic Fermentations:
Alchemical Ideas by Matt Finch
59 New Monsters (various authors)

*Allan's article for this issue is the Shadow Master subclass of magic-users for AD&D, and it's a thing of beauty.

Put in the coupon code AWESOME305 in the checkout at lulu for the 15% discount.

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  1. cool! I swung by as I was listening to Zeppelin, actually, so maybe that loosened my wallet a bit. Just ordered the hard copy!

  2. Also -- Tenkar has written a short blog post with some background about his version of the bard class (I am still chagrined that his name escaped the table of contents).

    The link to his post is

    (copy and paste: I don't think the comments create automatic links)