Monday, September 19, 2011

Bizarre Confluence of Titles

I just read the latest issue of the Underdark Gazette (yay!) and was immediately struck by the fact that we've got a load of modules with a real tangle of similarities (they're all listed with links in there):

You've got "Kiss of the Frog God," from Postmortem Studios as compared to Frog God Games, the publisher

There's "The Fallen Fane" from R.C. Pinnell as compared to the "Fane of the Fallen" from Frog God Games earlier this year;

There's "Fen of the Frog King" from R.C. Pinnell, which is out before my "Throne of the Toad King" that I've been blogging about (darn it)

And then (less bizarre, but still in there) is "Bone Mountain" with the skull face mountain on the cover, as compared to Black Blade's "Skull Mountain," but frankly I don't think you can HAVE too many interpretations of Skull Mountain: it's the classic challenge to design. :)

Great minds think alike. Bummer about Throne of the Toad King, because it was a real pain managing to get the title into the cover graphic, and I may change the name to avoid too much similarity.



  1. Still available (but choose swiftly!):
    - The Wyrd of the Batrachian Doom Priests
    - The Lost Legacy of the Amphibious Lords
    - Blight upon the Salientian Stronghold
    - Curse of the Anuran Throne

  2. I don't see any reason for you to change your title.

  3. Good Finch, I designed a generator to help you out:

  4. Dan, I might be changing the title anyway because I'm probably combining it with the sequel to lower the total cost of the two modules. Not really sure yet. I don't like to have titles that are too similar to what someone else has already done -- I'd rather they be distinctive.

  5. How bout "The Ravaging's of the Royal Ranid" :)p