Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ready to Run Some Marathons

On Sunday my wife and I run the San Antonio Marathon, and the following Saturday we run the Wild Hare Ultra-marathon, so the coming week or so, starting today, I'm not going to have much time at the computer. After the ultra-marathon, though, I might not be able to do anything BUT sit at the computer, though.

And I'm not in very good training after the taekwondo injury took me out for a couple of months, so this is going to be a real challenge. The ultra-marathon course is not flat street running, it's done on a motocross course. Lots of up and down climbing in addition to the distance running itself. On the plus side, since we're only running the 50 kilometer instead of the 100 kilometer race, we'll have a ton of time to finish. The only way I'll fail is if my legs actually stop functioning during the race. That's a possibility, especially given that it's only 6 days after a normal marathon. Probably six days will be enough time to recover from muscle strains, but tendon strains or deep blisters could still be causing slowdowns after only six days to heal up.

We shall see. If I finish the ultra marathon I am totally going to be posting pictures of the medal all over the net, because this one's going to be a serious challenge.


  1. Good luck.

    When you run down Presa, you'll be running right near our house. We'll wave from the porch if we see you. I will be the one sipping coffee with my legs kicked up this year.

    (Desert Scribe from Super Galactic Dreadnaught is running out there too.)

  2. I can't remember when the route hits Presa, but I'll keep an eye open. My favorite part is Old Mission Road, oddly enough. Most of the runners think it's the most boring part of the course.

  3. I think we are around mile 24.5 or so. Definitely the last stretch.

  4. Good luck! The wife just ran a half-marathon and I have all sorts of respect for all you runners.

  5. To clarify, I'm just doing the SA marathon, not the ultra. Running another long-distance event a week later is very impressive! Good luck with your races, Matt.

  6. Very cool. Good luck out there, and have fun.