Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Module Released: DEMONSPORE

Established in the subterranean cyst left by their dead god, a zealot band of Shrooms, a race known for bizarre projects and subtle objectives, have now been working for decades on the strangest task in their strange history.

... They are growing themselves a new god.

A module for Swords & Wizardry and other retro RPGs, Demonspore is designed for characters of level 3-6. Fairly large numbers of them.

Link to the pdf purchase page!

Link to the print on demand softcover (perfect bound)
If you haven't decided which you want, the whole store is here

Two modules in one large book (84 pages), Demonspore includes Throne of the Toad King and Stone Cyst of the Shroom Priests. With a vast, bizarre lair, 15 new monsters, and a typically weird and complicated plan, the sinister Shrooms are ready for battle. Are you?

*This is still not listed at RPGnow because the upload keeps failing. I'm going to wait a while and try again on the assumption that it's just their server. There's another possible error (they bounced the cover but didn't let me re-try), and if it's that, then it appears more work would be required to make their interface accept the product. I hate RPGnow's interfaces.


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  2. Bearing with you. *tapping toe and checking watch, waiting for a print version*

  3. Print version:

  4. Is there an option to get both the hardcopy and the PDF in a bundle at a discount, or must they be purchased separately?

  5. Brendan, email me at mythmere at yahoo dot com and let me see what I can do. Lulu doesn't give the option of bundling a pdf and a hardcopy.

    And if anyone knows how to make lulu do that, PLEASE let me know.

  6. Looks awesome! I will have to tell my players not to read it, so that we can incorporate it into our current campaign.

  7. got it...and my first question is...what did Russell Cone do?!?

  8. Fireballed the melee when things started looking bad.