Friday, November 25, 2011

New Module Coming Soon!

The double-module of Throne of the Toad King and Stone Cyst of the Shroom Priests is almost ready.

With all the art now in hand, I've been engaged in a marathon layout session for the last eleven hours (since 4AM). It's just about finished, but it's also at the point where I'm a little too zoned out to keep trusting myself with getting detail work correct, so it's unfortunately time to let it rest until tomorrow. Otherwise a mistake will get made somewhere.

I'm not sure I've ever mentioned that the second module is another insidious plot of the Shrooms, but if not, consider the announcement made. Their bizarre lair is going to knock your socks off!


  1. Cool - love the name "Stone Cyst..."!

  2. Very cool! I am having a hard time waiting! Will hard copies (presumably via print-on-demand) be available on day one?

  3. Guy - there will probably be a delay, but not a very long delay. After I upload the pdfs I am usually so frustrated with the lulu and RPGnow interfaces that I take a break before setting up the print version.

    I'm about to start putting the pdf onto lulu right now.