Friday, August 12, 2011

More Info on Tome of Horrors

Current estimate of ship date (to buyers) is September 15. The printer is doing set-up right now, which will then lead to galley proofs being sent for approval, and then it is printed, bound, and shipped by truck. Readers pointed out about 30 typos or errors from the pdf, and those were fixed before printing (which is why it is only just being set up). Obviously, if there's a problem or a delay with any of those steps it will cause a delay, but right now we're estimating that Bill will start boxing and mailing books around September 15.

Also, and this is for the Swords & Wizardry version ONLY, we ordered more books than we had pre-orders because of the way the printer pricing breakpoints worked out. There will be 500 copies of the S&W Tome, and only roughly 400 are actually reserved. Some of those reserved ones are allocated to be sold at NTRPGCon next year, but there are roughly 100 copies that are actually inventory.

Since we've got some actual books that will be "in stock," and again this is NOT for the Pathfinder books, it frees us up to do a thing where people can buy the pdf, look at it, and then decide if they want to get the printed book once they have had a chance to look through the pdf. Here's how this works -- if you buy the pdf, and it MUST be from Frog God direct for us to do this -- and you put "Hold me a Book" in the title line of an email to Bill, then you have 30 days to decide whether you want to buy the printed book and get the price of your pdf discounted back to you.

It doesn't create a discount, because if you buy the book you'd be getting a free pdf anyway, but it lets you decide if the price of the printed book is worth it to you.

Since there are only about 100 copies in play, this plan cuts off as soon as it looks like people have "reserved" most of them. Even though a lot of people will decide they don't need the printed copy, we have to be careful not to reserve more books than we have.

I don't think this is going to blow through all of those 100 copies -- my feeling is that it will take about 6 months to sell through them -- but I could be wrong about that. I'm just giving my sense of it, not a promise. They might disappear fast, they might hang around for as long as a year before they're sold out: it's really hard to predict.

Again, this is only for if you are getting it direct from Frog God, because we can't "refund pdf money" on a pdf we didn't sell. And it's not for the Pathfinder books at all, those are all gone.


  1. So the references to 3E/Pathfinder conditions were fixed for the print version? Awesome!

  2. What if I right now, wanted to pay for a S&W TOH book. Is that possible?

  3. -C
    Yes, as far as I understand it. There are extras that Bill can sell. Sorry, I should have made clear that the whole "try it out" thing is an extra option, not a requirement.

  4. Frog God Games lists the PDF as costing almost $30.00 US... so how much does the book cost?

  5. I think it's $100 for the book. It's freakish huge.