Thursday, August 4, 2011

Knockspell #4 added to RPGNow

I had a lot of people point out to me that it's odd to be selling Knockspell 1, 2, 3, and 5 on RPGNow, and not selling #4. It's not that I had any particular reason for not having #4 on RPGNow, I just never got around to it somehow.

In any case, this probably isn't a "sit up and start clicking" announcement for anyone, but just to let people know, the pdf of #4 is now up with the others on RPGNow as well as lulu. The RPGNow link is THIS LINK HERE.

EDIT - Quick note that this is NOT #6, which will be the latest issue, this is just housekeeping with an older issue.


  1. But why still no POD of issue 4? I'm looking for an actual print copy to add it to my magazine collection!

  2. You can get a print copy from FGG here:

    Once those run out I will probably put the magazines up for POD again, but while there are still unsold magazines in stock I want to try and sell through those.

  3. It looks like the print version is now sold out at the Frogs, correct?

  4. Any chance to allow POD at Lulu again for Knockspell #4?