Saturday, August 27, 2011

Commentary on the 1974 Freaky Fantasy Gamer Guild

I have had several emails about these papers that I've described in the last couple of posts, in the interests of academia. I would like to remind everyone that papers described like this on the internet should be treated with great suspicion as to their legitimacy and authenticity. GREAT SUSPICION. That being said, I will continue to keep everyone posted on what I discover in this treasure trove of unquestionably bulletproof, totally believable truth that I have stumbled upon.


  1. LOL. That is full of win! You got me good.

  2. :) Really I didn't mean to *get* anyone, but my little clue of saying that it was as authentic as Encounter Critical was buried too deep in the post, and I think lots of people either missed it or didn't know that Encounter Critical was a prank.

  3. What you did do was remind me of this book which I read about in The Dragon long before I found it in a bookstore which got me thinking "that could be a cool campaign". That got me thinking about The Forever People and how cool a road trip in the late 60s/early 70s campaign fighting some weird evil could be.

    Next thing I've got my copy of Palladium's Heroes Unlimited on the table and I'm sketching some ideas.

    That's what you did.

  4. Opps, forgot the guts of that link: