Friday, August 12, 2011

Gaming with Brand New Players!

Last night I ran a game for 6 young folks who, with a couple of exceptions, had never played a roleplaying game before. They adventured into the Ruins of Mythrus Tower, choosing to stay on the first level, but they did manage to run into a pretty deadly encounter with a carrion crawler. With all four of the armored characters paralyzed, the two magic-users evaluated the situation using their magical training and fled.

The second carrion crawler followed them to the dungeon exit, then returned for a snack. I actually told the players which character got eaten, but then remembered that when I rolled, I forgot the additional body in the area: the carrion crawler they had killed earlier. Rolled again, and it was the carrion crawler that was eaten rather than a character. Result? All of the abandoned party members survived, although each one had the unpleasant experience of being paralyzed and wondering which of them was being eaten.

Then the abandoned party members drew their swords and headed up to the surface to find their magic users.....

They decided not to kill the robed runners, but they did confiscate all the gold.

Really fun session!


  1. That sounds very cool! The young ones make the best players. They so easily step into pit traps. :)

    - Ark

  2. Funny you would mention pit traps. :) Yep.

  3. Are you looking for older gamers? I read your blog and I live in Houston and am looking for an AD&D type game, but I'll play pretty much anything. Let me know in a comment if you're interested and I'll drop you my email address. Matt.