Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Post before ...

[picture of scrambled eggs removed because it was pulling egg-related traffic instead of gaming traffic.


Not being one of those lucky laptop people, I won't be blogging during the con unless somebody leaves a laptop unattended during breakfast and I have the chance to type really fast before they come back with their muffin and yogurt and chase me off. Muffins and yogurt bring me to an important second topic that needs to be addressed before I depart tomorrow morning.

The eggs.

If I have one piece of advice for convention goers this year, it is this: beware the eggs. I'm not sure if it's a different hotel this year, but the scrambled eggs from last year no doubt still remain in the minds (and possibly the intestines) of last year's convention-goers.

Stick with the muffins and the yogurt, and keep an eye out for low-tech bloggers like me trying to use your laptops while you're getting your breakfast. :)

And don't forget to bring dice. :)


  1. I have a phobia about eggs. I do not eat anyone's eggs, not even mom's. I prefer to cook them myself. The one exception is an omelet.

    Beth and I are day-tripping on sat. See ya there.

  2. Do what I did and eat breakfast at Sonic!!!

    The eggs at the free breakfast had the appearance (and taste) of powdered eggs which water had been added to...blech.

  3. No, if I paid for a free breakfast I am going to by god choke it down no matter how hard it tries to climb back out again. It's the principle of the thing.

    Anthony, MAKE SURE I don't miss you -- I'll either be out smoking or I'll be at my game table, one or the other. They've got me roped into being on a panel about how to be a good DM, but most likely I'll be listening instead of talking for that one.

  4. No problem! I'm signed up for that panel...assuming that Jeff Dee is done with his V&V by then. He might actually use all that time from 9-4...I don't see that, but maybe... :)

  5. If someone could do audio recordings of your game that would be AWESOME for us far northerners that cannot hope to go to this con.
    Also it could be a great tool in helping newbie Referees.