Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Goals and Plans
So I'm back from North Texas RPGCon, and I'll probably blog about it soon. Couple of days. Right at the moment, all I've got on that is, "it was great!" Plus, Tenkar did a great job of providing excellent blogging coverage while the con was still ongoing.

So, today is my day for catching up. I had a couple of "rest" days when I took care of family housekeeping-type stuff, and I'm back around on the net to catch up on the gaming stuff.
What I really want to move forward with is Tabletop Library, which is my current pet project. The RPG market needs a second large online retailer of pdfs, and we're trying to start that up.

The Goal:
Basically, on a project like this, a rising tide lifts all boats. There's a cycle that can be either virtuous or vicious, depending on how it's working. Basically, the publishers need to see sales before they get excited about adding new products, and the customers need to see new products before they get excited about visiting the website. Behind it all, the affiliates (who are key to rising visibility) need to be brought into the loop by sales -- much like publishers.
So, I've got a tri-fold mission for this month, which is to bring in all three groups: publishers, customers, and affiliates. My number targets for June are these:
  • 10 new affiliates
  • 10 new publishers
  • 200 new customers

Here's the benefit for each group:
  • Affiliates: we offer a longer tail (30 days) than our big competitor, with the same payout. There's no downside to simply adding our link to your site, and the publishers are paid better when you do.
  • Publishers: we offer a higher payout than the competition. Ours is 75%, theirs ranges from 50% to 70%, and at 70% you're committing to an exclusivity clause that bars you from selling anywhere else. Not only is the payout better, but we do lots of specific support for products on social media.
  • Customers: We think our website offers a better experience when you visit, and like the affiliates, you're supporting the publishers by getting them a better payout than they get elsewhere. We have some exclusive products (mainly for 5e, but there will be more), and this list of products you can't get anywhere else is growing.

Come and take a look, possibly sign up to be notified of sales (we do GOOD sales), possibly sign up for the newsletter if you are intrigued with our ideas. Supporting us in this project is something that will, eventually, help all of us. I'm not going to bore anyone with the economics, but competition is good for everyone in a market. Help us to build this competition -- we can't do it alone, that's the nature of competition.


  1. Proud to be part of TTL. How soon do you think POD might be available? That will be huge.

  2. That's a while off, although it's a priority. Essentially, POD requires our interaction with the printer to be as a single publisher. This means that we have to (a) be able to combine all the data "cells" from an order and put them all together into one database, then (b) automatically send the order to lightning source or other printer with minimal human interaction. Part (a) is the hard part, although part (b) would take some programming as well. We receive all that information, but it's not all in one place, if that makes sense, and we would need to do some actual outsourced programming to bundle it together. It's a goal, but first we need to build up the customer base. We're still in "first things first" mode, where we need to develop a strong customer base first.

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