Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Creeping Conventionality

It's that day when suddenly a convention has crept up on you, and you suddenly have to (1) Shop so that the family doesn't starve during your absence, (2) get some shorts that don't have the back pocket ripped out, (3) make sure someone feeds the birds while you're gone, (4) pack, (5) consider that the dungeon isn't exactly ready for adventuring, and (6) pick up the dry cleaning. You have to be time-efficient.
One piece of advice I can give to con-goers preparing for a trip is this: try to do two jobs at once, like updating your blog at the same time you make your to-do list...


  1. pre-gens were always my Achilles' Heal. Then I realized I could always make up/expand any adventure I run at a con on the fly, but I can't fake pre-gens. Now I do them first, sketch out the adventure, rough out the encounters, and make the details at run-time.

  2. I have people roll characters at the table before we start, so that part, at least, isn't a problem.

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