Thursday, June 30, 2016

Two New 5e Resouces - One free, one inexpensive
We had a couple of new Fifth Edition products at Tabletop Library today. One is free, and one is the first in a series. The Deep Magic series is by Kobold Press, and is a serialized conversion of their Pathfinder Deep Magic book. This first part of the series, Clockwork, contains some stuff that's definitely new in terms of Fifth Edition:
  • A Clockwork domain for clerics, featuring Improved mending, Channel Magic, and Clockwork Apotheosis
  • The Great Machine pact for warlocks, with three new invocations: cloud of cogs, heat of the furnace, and voice of the machine
  • A Clockwork Mage school of wizard magic, with new abilities including Clockwork Savant, Clockworker’s Charm, Metal Shape, Golem Form, and Clockwork Mastery
  • 45 new and updated spells, including chains of the goddess, gear barrage, hellforging, robe of shards, and more!
Clockwork is currently only $2.99 for the substantial pdf, which makes it a smoking good deal if you're building unusual ideas into a 5e campaign.
Our other new Product is a free one-page generator for books found in a library, published by Rusted Iron Games along with several other free one-page resources.


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