Monday, May 30, 2016

Another Memorial Day sale - Tabletop Library
I already posted one of the Tabletop Library Memorial Day sales going on, in a previous post. Here is another, coming from the (unaffiliated) Tabletop Adventures. Until June 1, all of their products are 20% off. As a personal note, I think their "Bits of" products are awesome, although the crunch in them is for 3e. I'm not familiar with Against the Darkness, which is their RPG, but anything with the word "Vatican" in the description makes me sit up and take notice. Here's the description:
Do you have what it takes to stand Against the Darkness? Find out in Tabletop Adventures’ exciting game of modern Vatican horror, conspiracy and investigation in which demons, ghosts and vampires exist to torment and feed upon an unprepared humanity. The only defense is a small and steadily shrinking cadre of holy defenders.

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