Thursday, May 19, 2016

Milo's Daily Deal?

So, pretty soon we're going to be starting a "Deal of the Day" program at Tabletop Library. And this is a picture of my Leonberger puppy, Milo. Chime in if you think we should use his picture for the "Deal of the Day" page and call it Milo's Daily Deal. Chewing on that grass stalk, he looks like he's all ready to wheel and deal for the big bucks.

The other option is probably a picture of a merchant.....


  1. You should get a mutt to offer the Daily keeping with the "little bit of everything" nature of RPGs, and the OSR in particular!

    Milo's awfully cute, though! (And definitely preferable to a merchant pic...)

  2. You should dress Milo like a merchant. Best of both worlds.

    1. Milo is still at the age where he'd eat the clothes before you could snap a picture.

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