Sunday, July 17, 2011

Question - where can I find ...

A while ago, several bloggers linked to an article written about D&D, and it had to do with how the D&D generation now controls everything, or something like that. The only thing I really remember about it, and the quote I'm looking for, had something to do with D&D feeling like it was the description of a world that existed. I know that's incredibly vague, which is why I can't find it through Google and need to draw on you guys to figure out what article I must be talking about.

I seem to recall that some people didn't like the fact that it was written for a publication which has political leanings -- liberal leanings, I think.

Also, it's not this article:

The article I'm thinking of was similar, but a lot longer.

Help .....


  1. Is it this article?

    If so, Welcome to the wondrous internet, where your every wish is granted by strangers.

    If not, what is wrong with your face, ask less stupider questions. ;-p

  2. heh, I read that article shortly after my own rpg mojo was re-ignited by another article that appeared on Wired in which the author talked about finding his cache of old D&D modules while organizing boxes for a move. It was like a switch going on - I saw the images of those covers and the maps and snap! I was back into it...