Friday, July 15, 2011

Design Deskbook 2: Monsters

Several people have been asking me about getting copies of the second adventure design deskbook, which focuses on monsters. Remember, there is going to be a compiled copy of these available relatively soon from Frog God Games, but in the interim I've put up a pdf at lulu. It has a black and white cover, not the original maroon-backed one, and, again, there will eventually be a complete version of all four deskbooks available.

However, if you really want a copy of the pdf right now, and many people have written to me about this, you can get a copy from HERE.


  1. Well I downloaded this as soon as I saw it was available. I have rolled up a couple of monsters already. I like this volume as well as volume 1. I can not wait until the book with all parts is released. (I hope it will be available in PDF format also)

    I volunteer to be a proofreader if that will get me an advanced copy. :)p

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