Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sinful Whisper

I am finishing up the last pieces of the Swords & Wizardry adaptations of Razor Coast adventures. The one for today is Sinful Whisper, and if I'm fast I will probably also have a chance to move on to Frank Mentzer's adventure, Deep Waters.


  1. The map looks pretty cool, but I've never heard of the Razor Coast adventures. What are they, Matt---conversions from PF?


  2. yep, I must say the map looks really cool

  3. All but Frank Mentzer's are conversions from Pathfinder. Some are adventures that are internal to the campaign's 2 background plots, others are basically module-length (some in the appendices of the main book, some in a separate book called Heart of the Razor).

    We had three layers of de-Pathfinderization for this one, so hopefully we won't have any remaining leftovers to annoy the old-schoolers.

  4. That is a great map. Sounds like a cool project.