Thursday, November 7, 2013

What Everyone Else is Saying

Every once in a while, you end up with things you have to repeat, even though everyone else has already said them. It's not easy to mention the Bundle of Holding, the number of times that Erik Tenkar alone has sent out copies of the Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules, or the Sword of Air Kickstarter.

Which brings up my dad. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of going with my dad to the University of Houston, where he was a professor (now emeritus). I remember the smell of chalk dust and pipe tobacco, I remember the modern architecture of the place and the rippled landscaping (Houston is very flat; hills are sculpted).

I also remember the echo chamber. Because to demonstrate it, they took a gun and fired a blank round. This was my only childhood contact with a real gun, and it's really cool to hear one when it's fired in an echo chamber.

My point being, that if you end up temporarily in an echo chamber, just roll with it. And therefore I present to you the main topics that everyone is talking about today:

(1) OSR Bundle of Holding. If you don't have even half of the stuff in here, and you can use pdfs without going insane, this is probably the best pdf deal that has ever been offered in the "OSR." It's an incredible value. I bought it myself for little more than Vornheim and the other LotFP module. Just those were worth it to me, and I'm cheap.

(2) The permanent give-away of the Swords & Wizardry Complete Rulebook forever to everyone has prompted a lot of interest. Erik Tenkar gave away lots and lots of them, and he wasn't the only one helping to distribute them.

(3) Sword of Air Kickstarter continues to roll. I was on the phone with Bill earlier today, both of us writing, kicking ideas back and forth.That's a fun way to write, incidentally.

Enjoy the gaming of the day, and may your dice never roll you into a hayrick!


  1. email requests have trickled down while downloads of the PDF have ramped up.

    In total, the number is now over 350 since Tuesday morning ;)

  2. Erik is the man. Just snagged myself a copy.